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The Startup Guide Mentor’s:

  1. NameJens – aka “Mr Cool” – Raun; Title: Founder of The Startup Guide; Websitethestartupguide.co


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Associated Mentor Profile:

  • You got an in-depth knowledge about the Lean Startup Methodology (Authors like Steve Blank, Alexander Osterwalder, Ash Maurya & Eric Ries)
  • Keywords in your approach to your daily activities include “Goals”-“Execution”-“Action”-“Momentum”
  • You agree that great ideas are of NO VALUE and that it is all about getting “traction” – getting users/subscribers/paying customers
  • You are keen to help other Associated Members of The Startup Guide
  • You are passionate about helping entrepreneurs “Move-Fast-and-Break-Things”
  • You firmly believe that “you don’t really LEARN until you LAUNCH!”
  • You are a serial entrepreneur with a minimum of 3 startup experiences
  • Your priorities in life: 1) HELP people/businesses 2) Have FUN & 3) Make MONEY – in that order!!!
  • You understand the difference between “Hacker”-“Hipster”-“Hustler”
  • When joining The Startup Guide you are willing to offer minimum 3 new subscribers the “2 Weekly 30 minutes Mentorship Service” for FREE for minimum 4 weeks (that is a minimum of 12 hours consultation – excluding time for the mentorship preparation)
  • You are keen to contribute to The Startup Guide blog with relevant high-quality startup content
  • You are keen to contribute to The Startup Guide Community/Facebook Group
  • You firmly believe you are able to provide guidance and leadership to startup entrepreneurs
  • If you – later on – are going to charge a fee (you set the price) for your services then you agree to:
    • provide a 30-day money back guarantee to the subscriber
    • pay 10% of any charged subscriber fees to The Startup Guide


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